He asked me last night in the middle of a passionate play session “Mistress, I know this (feminization) is my deep fetish…but what do YOU get out of it?”

I answered with the first thing that popped into my head:  how much I love having a special girl, one who’s a girl just for me.  Not that I want to keep her to myself; I love sharing my beautiful sissy slavegirl with the world.  But in a way she’s my creation; she’s the girl I made her to be.  I’ve chosen her clothes and makeup, I dictate the way she paints her nails and what bath products she uses.  I’ve molded her on the inside too, always demanding that she learn new skills.  She’s like a giant Barbie doll:  I get to dress her up however I want.  Then when she’s dressed I get to play all sorts of delicious sex-games with her.  And her warm, whimpering, quivering, moaning, melting flesh is a LOT more fun than those tiny plastic Barbie-bodies ever were.

There’s appeal in the artistic process of this, the actual choosing of clothes and makeup and stuff.  The sculpting of her style.  There’s pure physical pleasure in the sexual & intimate services she provides.  There’s practical pleasure in her more sensible services too.  But I admit that what I get off on most from all this is just being in control.  She is the way she is because I willed it to be so.  I created her.  And that makes me feel like a goddess.

I’ve been planning for a while to embark on a series of posts on the subject of ‘things I love about sissies’.  There are so many things I love about femme boys in general and my girly boy in particular, it’s not possible for me to write one essay and feel I’ve said all that I want to say on the subject.  I mean to make it an ongoing project instead, writing a short post every time some new thing-to-love occurs to me.  My pet’s question has prompted me to finally start.  :)

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