The magistrates said their sentencing powers of a year’s imprisonment were not “sufficiently robust” and sent the case to crown court.

My second thought on reading this article about a 62 year old male who’s been arrested for wearing a short skirt in the presence of children was: what on earth harm is it going to do those children to see male legs in a skirt?  What, it might give the little boys the idea that they too could wear skirts?  God forbid.  *eyeroll*

But my FIRST thought was: I wonder how this person would be treated if they were young.  Cause you know, I’ve noticed older tgirls often get condemned for  doing *exactly the same things* as people ooh and ahh over in younger ones.  A 23 year old male in a miniskirt has folks going “oo, so pretty! so brave!” but a 65 year old in the same damned skirt gets branded a creep.

And my third thought - notice how it’s a WOMAN bringing down the wrath of society on this person?  Can you say invisible privilege?