ok sissies, i’m looking for some new fools to spread, expose, and ruin. are you ready to be my latest victim? on your knees, now, contact me and beg for the chance.

*chuckles* Now who could resist an offer like that? Don’t deny it, I see your little cockette twitching at the thought!

- Goddess Opal, your FYSB hostess


This was taken the day ‘he’ was caged for the first time. What a good little girl!


Mistress Kitten



That’s just awesome.

So simple but so perfect. Better than a humbler. Sissy balls are made to be used as training tools. I hope Mommy gets some ideas from this.

Oh yes, we can all see how much you “hate” being treated this way sissy.


I love seeing you dressed this way

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If i have sexy pics of myself, can you post them for me?
fuckyeahsissyboys fuckyeahsissyboys Said:

If I like them. I don’t promise not to make mocking comments though!  *wickedgrin*

Goddess Opal, your FYSB hostess

Sissy in Red Teddy